Combined heat and power generation

Combined heat and power generation

KSS Energia’s electricity and heat production sources consist of Kymin Voima’s biofuel power plant in Kuusankoski, the Hinkismäki natural gas-fired power plant and the Eskolanmäki natural gas-fired heating plant in Kouvola. KSS Energia also has smaller production shares elsewhere in Finland.

KSS Energia produces about 95 per cent of the district heat used in the Kouvola region. About 70 per cent of district heat in the region is produced with combined heat and power generation. Combined heat and power generation maximises the benefits of fuels as it saves over a quarter of fuel compared with separately produced electricity and heat. Combined heat and power generation is both economical and extremely sustainable in terms of environmental impacts.

Kymin Voima

Kymin Voima Oy is a production company owned by Pohjolan Voima Oy and KSS Energia Oy. Kymin Voima’s production plant produces process steam, industrial district heat and electricity to UPM Kymi’s factory and heat and electricity to KSS Energia. The power plant is located at the Kuusanniemi industrial area in Kuusankoski. The power plant started commercial production in September 2002.

Kymin Voima’s power plant uses bark, logging residue, wood chips, sludge, sawdust and peat as fuel and natural gas as reserve fuel. The fuel amounts to over 1,000 gigawatt-hours per year. The main fuel is bark, which is transported from the debarking plant of the local plant directly via conveyors to the bark store and further to the power plant boiler. Biofuel loads brought in from outside the plant area are also tipped into the bark store.

The peat needed by the power plant is transported to Kuusankoski by road mainly from peat bogs in Valkeala and Anjalankoski. The transport distances are short. The power plant has a separate peat silo, from where the peat is moved to the boiler on a belt conveyor.

Wood-based fuel accounts for over 80% of the fuels used by Kymin Voima. Kymin Voima is KSS Energia’s primary district heat production plant: it produces about 350 gigawatt-hours of district heat per year, which is more than two-thirds of the district heat needed in Kouvola. At the same time, the plant produces electric energy to KSS Energia’s customers. The annual electricity generation corresponds to about 25 per cent of electricity use in KSS Energia’s area of operation.